The Conflict and Development Foundation supports the ongoing research, extension, and development efforts of conservation agriculture production systems in Ghana.  This is carried out through a variety of programs looking at on-farm production management, land tenure systems, and soil fertility trials across Ghana.

The main focus is the Center for Conservation Agriculture which serves as a research and training center in a public-private partnership between agribusiness and agricultural institutions.  This first of its kind institution that serves as a focal point for no-till research and activities as part of a Brown Revolution soil conservation approach.  This center’s research will be a world-class in-field example of how conservation-based techniques can lead to better long-term results for smallholder farmers around the world than traditional practices, and its outreach activities will make it well known throughout Ghana, then West Africa, and eventually across the continent of Africa.  The center designs, tests, and implements context-appropriate, high-yielding, conservation-based agriculture systems for rural smallholder farmers in Africa.