We work with like-minded partner organizations around the world to accomplish our shared vision.


Norman Borlaug Foundation continues the legacy of the late Dr. Norman E. Borlaug in the fight against global hunger and extreme poverty through international agricultural development.  These activities are carried out through a combination of teaching, training, technology extension, and scientific research.  Dr. Norman Borlaug won the 1970 Nobel Peace Prize for his work preventing mass hunger and starvation in Mexico, India, and Pakistan.  He saw that food insecurity was a principle cause of violence and civil unrest and that peace could be secured through agricultural development.  The Norman Borlaug Foundation continues that legacy by promoting agricultural science, academics, and community outreach to impact global food security. 

World Coffee Research is a private sector initiative to grow the Arabica coffee supply chain in a sustainable way through collaborative agricultural research and development.  World Coffee Research improves coffee varieties, genetic resources and accompanying technologies and to disseminate them strategically and collaboratively in producing countries to alleviate current and future constraints to the supply chain of fine Arabica coffees.

Conflict and Development Center at Texas A&M University seeks to improve the effectiveness of development programs and policies for conflict-affected and fragile countries through multidisciplinary applied research. To this end, ConDev will harness the innovative power of Texas A&M University and its partners in host countries and communities.

FLACSO (Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales) is an international organization consisting of 18 member states currently developing academic activities in 13 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.  FLACSO was created in 1957. Since then, it has become an autonomous organization dedicated to the promotion, education, research and cooperation in the field of Social Sciences. 

Ecoexist Botswana seeks to reduce conflict and foster coexistence between elephants and people. The team finds and facilitates solutions that work for both species. Our approach connects science with practice. In the short term, we empower farmers with practical, affordable, and effective tools to reduce conflicts with elephants. In the long-term, we collaborate with local, national and international stakeholders to develop political and economic strategies for addressing the root causes of conflict. We endeavor to address human-elephant conflict in ways that may be modeled throughout Botswana and beyond.

Shelter the Homeless International Projects (SHIP) is a non-profit organization committed to providing clean, safe dwellings and offering food, humanitarian aid, and educational opportunities to orphans and those in need, both in Texas and El Salvador. The work of SHIP is possible because of the dedicated volunteer teams, who travel to El Salvador throughout the year.  In our El Salvador neighborhood, the quality of life is dramatically improved for women and children by giving them hope and a future, by providing economic opportunities for women, by offering education for their children, and by improving their shelter.

Fundación para la Superación de la Ingeniería (FUNSIN) is the Foundation for Success in Engineering that aims to achieve comprehensive improvement of the College of Engineering at San Carlos University of Guatemala; contribute to raise the academic level of engineering students and professors; support domestic and foreign educational institutions dedicated to promoting engineering education; and contribute technically and economically, providing scholarships and defraying student expenses.

Semilla Nueva is a US and Guatemala registered NGO working on development of new sustainable agriculture technologies, farmer to farmer empowerment strategies, and effective engagement with Guatemalan government institutions. Semilla Nueva helps rural Guatemalan farmers find a path to prosperity, health, and sustainable agriculture technologies and farmer to farmer education. 

The Salvadoran Olympic Committee (COES)  is part of the Modern Olympic Movement and promotes fundamental principles and values f Olympism, especially in the field of sports and training, promoting the training of sports administrators and combating all forms of discrimination and violence in sports.

Learn, Grow, Eat & GO! (LGEG) is the new research-based, evidence-based curriculum project of the International Junior Master Gardener® Program. CDF is testing if this gardening innovation can help promote inclusion and reduce violence in schools. 

Food for the Poor provides emergency relief and also works on long-term, sustainable solutions to extreme poverty in the Caribbean and Latin America through various income-generating projects. CDF is partnering with this organization supporting a hydroponics program in El Salvador to help deter youth from joining gangs.