QPM Promotion through Social Marketing in Guatemala

Project Name: National Promotion of Quality Protein Maize (QPM) through Social Marketing in Guatemala
Monthly Update: July 2017
Prepared By: Rachel Abbott, Partnerships Coordinator, Semilla Nueva

Project Summary
With support from The Conflict and Development Foundation, Semilla Nueva is expanding the consumption of biofortified crops in Guatemala through an innovative social marketing approach. This is the beginning of a second phase geared toward seed purchase and seed saving in the pacific coastal regions of Guatemala. The project has two components: 1) work with a partner organization to design and launch an introductory social marketing campaign to promote planting QPM, and 2) expand on previous work done in the southern coast, ensuring that families save, store and replant QPM harvested in 2016 for the 2017 season.

Monthly Update
In July, the field team continued caring for corn demonstration parcels that were planted with our innovative brand name Fortaleza 3. Semilla Nueva is planning to hold farmer field day events promoting the seed in these demonstration sites. The majority of these events will take place during harvests in late August-early September. The marketing team finalized the design of promotional materials, including seed bags. Finally, the marketing team completed the design of the quantitative marketing survey that will be conducted in the eastern and northern regions of Guatemala in August. The survey will determine farmer motivators and barriers to planting our seed, and will be used to define marketing strategies in those regions.

During this month, CDF Program Manager Johanna Roman invited Semilla Nueva to offer a presentation at the USAID Mission in Guatemala, to present an update of program activities.