Analyzing Field Data on Drivers of Conflict

Hello! My name in Khrystyna Konopatska. I am from Ukraine. I am a second year Master Degree student in the Bush School in Texas A&M Univeristy. I am interested in international economic development and conflict and development.  I have been working as a volunteer for the Conflict and Development Foundation (CDF) for a few months, helping with CDF’s Drivers of Conflict project being conducted in Guatemala and El Salvador in collaboration with Texas A&M’s Center on Conflict and Development (ConDev).  

During this summer I started working with Johanna Roman on the Drivers of Conflict project that she is leading in Central America. I was able to see and analyze the results of actual work in field. I helped create graphics on the results of over 550 surveys that were conducted in rural communities of Guatemala and El Salvador. It was so exciting to be a part of the project. Moreover, I almost felt like I knew all these people from the surveys, learned something new about their life and their concerns. 

In these communities, many people struggle with food security issues. The vast majority of respondents worried about not being able to buy food for the last 12 months and reported going to bed hungry. I hope to keep working on similar projects and making an impact in all possible ways. 

Recently, the graphs I created were included in a report and presentation that San Carlos University students offered to the USAID Mission in Guatemala. Volunteering at ConDev/CDF has been a great opportunity for me to combine my interests and my passion regarding Latin America.

Survey participants included residents from the Santa Otilia community in Guatemala. 

Survey participants included residents from the Santa Otilia community in Guatemala.